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Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is loved and appreciated all around the globe. Our company Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the best wooden furniture exporter Jodhpur, India. Our products are manufactured in our company by our experts and professionals with the use of good quality raw materials. The products of our company have amazing benefits. Some are as follows:

They Can Be Modified Easily

Your home can go through changes from time to time. It might be renovated or remodelled to meet your needs of the hour. During such process, the wooden furniture of our company will make your task easier for you.

Rather than discarding the wooden furniture, you can give them a fresh lease of life with minor modifications applying a fresh coat of colour or polish, adding a unique finish, upholstering it without colourful cushions and covers or simple wrapping it using ropes or threads. Buying our products and adding them to your house is the best choice. We are the number one wooden furniture exporter from Jodhpur.

Wooden Furniture Offer Better Value

The quality of our products is top class and superior. It lasts longer and saves you the money otherwise incurred in replacing broken or damaged furniture made from cheaper materials. Our products have exceptional durability and hence it gets passed down from one generation to another. Our wooden furniture is easier to maintain and need just a quick refresh with a soft microfiber cloth or a wooden polish to stay pristine.

Order our products online and get it delivered at your doorstep. We are the best wooden furniture supplier in India.


Coffee Tables

People usually decorate their living space with full enthusiasm as it the most entertaining and happening place in the house. The living area is the first place where the guests enter so it's just that the room is beautifully decorated with the elegant pieces of furniture. One of the important furniture in your living room is the coffee table. Therefore you should get it from the most popular coffee table manufacturer in Jodhpur, Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited.

The coffee table that we provide to our customers creates a hallmark and it is the most required units of the house. This also gives a remarkable resemblance from a very long time. Our coffee tables are an inevitable part of your living room. This creates a lively presence in the living area. This is the reason why they are so much in demand and our customers have made the best coffee table manufacturer in Rajasthan.

Why Choose Our Coffee Tables?


The sturdiness of our products is what makes it everyone's favourite choice. This also ensures longevity and great strength. Quite on the contrary, our products have a natural and solid look which stays for years after purchase.

Strong Build

The coffee tables of our company feature a strong build. The furniture will not get unstable after a couple of years which happens to poorly assembled tables.

Add timeless furniture in your house. Choose us as we are the best coffee table supplier in Jodhpur.


Dining Tables

A dining table says a lot about your home. This shows your guests that you can eat in a designated place and that you are close with your family. That’s why choosing one that compliments your room is the best thing to do. Sitting down and eating with your family can promote a healthy home and having a dining table that can withstand all the obstacles that you will encounter daily can make it a focal point of the room. Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the best dining table manufacturers in Jodhpur.

We provide our customers with the best quality dining table at an affordable price.

Why Choose Dining Table From Us?

A dining table is more than just a place for you to eat and sit. This has a lot of other important uses that can add to the feel to your house. There are plenty of signifying factors which makes our products the best.


There are several styles and combinations that you can choose but among all the most important thing that you should consider is the material. The products that you get from our company is made with the use of good quality materials. We use the materials that are certified by the experts and professionals of our company.


The shape of the dining table is also important. Therefore, being the best dining table supplier in Rajasthan we have given the best shapes and designs to our dining table.

Without any delay order our products. We are the best dining table exporter in India.


Dining Table Set

Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the best dining table set supplier in Rajasthan. We manufacture our products in our company. We use good quality raw materials and equipment for the manufacturing of our products. Our dining table set is extremely beneficial for our customers. Some advantage of our dining table set are:

It Will Bring People Together

According to some family therapists, families who eat together around a dining table are more likely to stay close. This can also help children and younger people to develop healthy eating and communication patterns. Parents will also find time when they can switch off from their stressful day and speak to each other and their children are the relaxed way. Therefore choose to get our dining table set. We are the best dining table set wholesale supplier in Rajasthan.

People Make Better Food Choices

Having quick meals can leave us vulnerable and will we will make unhealthy food choices. People are more likely to eat nutritionally balanced food at the dining table as the dining table provides a focal point and encourages everyone to pay more attention to what, when and how they should eat.

Choose our products and help a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. This will always enhance the look of your dining space and a good place to serve all guests as well. We are the best dining table set supplier in Jodhpur supplying quality products.


Wooden Tables

From decades wood is used to make furniture. Wood is everlasting and also timeless. Our company, Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the most popular wooden table manufacturer in Rajasthan. We manage to combine eternal beauty and robust practically along with a country or contemporary style in our products.

The advantage of our wooden tables is undeniable. Our wooden tables add warmth and character to your room.

Strength And Durability

Our wooden tables are extremely resilient and it needs very little maintenance. The tables that we manufacture is long-lasting and can withstand the contents abuse, whether you spill your drinks or there are scratches by any chance. The solid wood table of our company can last for generations with minimum care.

Ease Of Maintenance

The wooden tables of our company are nearly effortless to maintain. All you need to do is simply wipe the surface of the wooden table parts. Do not allow water or dust to settle on your table for extended periods. This is one of the most important advantages of choosing us and our products. It has become the reason behind our popularity as the best wooden table supplier in Rajasthan.

A Décor Staple

Adding our wooden table to your room will completely change the look and feel. The wooden furniture offer elegance, charm and sophistication to any room.

Therefore choose us and get our products. We are the number one wooden table wholesale supplier in Rajasthan.



An average office worker or a student can spend around eight hours a day sitting at their desk. Sitting for hours can create a great strain and pressure on your body and can lead to numerous health issues and complications like deep vein thrombosis, diabetes and heart diseases. This is why you should be using a good quality chair and use it while you work or study. Jayalwal Design Expo Private Limited is the best company for ordering chairs. We are known worldwide as the best chair manufacturer in India.

Many people believe that its normal to complain about pains and aches after sitting for long at their desk, having a wrong chair is usually the culprit. Choose our products as we manufacture products keeping in mind the comfort of our customers and clients. Our products and the quality and comfort that it provides have made us the best chairs supplier in Rajasthan

Why Choose Chairs From Us?

Posture Support

Traditional chairs can put a strain to your spine over time which can lead to bad posture increasing back injuries. Our chairs are fully adjustable to align with your workstation and height. This ensures that you remain in the correct posture.

Helps With Back Pain

One of the most common problems that people face is back pain. Our chairs provide an amazing backrest and are designed to support the natural curvature of your spine.


Bar Furniture

Jayalwal Design Expo Private Limited is the best bar furniture manufacturer in Rajasthan. The bar furniture that we manufacture and supply to our customers have a superior finish and amazing style. Our products have beatific designs and styles which will lure you to upgrade the furniture that you have. There are certain benefits to buying bar furniture.


Our bar furniture has many features which you will find attractive and amazing. These are available in different designs and sizes for our customers and clients. One can choose the size they would like to have in your bar and can order online. We promise to deliver it to you in a limited period. We believe in fast and quick delivery policies and are known as the best bar furniture exporter Rajasthan.

The Price Of Our Bar Furniture

The price of our bar cabinet is worthy of its features and additional aspects. This is worth your investment. The price of our bar furniture is based on the quality of the materials that we use to construct them, the features and sizes of our products. You will not have any second thought after buying this furniture from our company. Our affordable pricing and products have made us the best bar furniture supplier in Rajasthan.

Choose us and order our products online. We are the best bar furniture exporter from Rajasthan and promise to deliver you with only the best products.


Sofa Chairs

Whether you choose a traditional style, contemporary style or a vintage style. We have products that fit all your needs and requirements perfectly. Our company, Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the best sofa chair manufacturer in Rajasthan. Buying a perfect one seater sofa has amazing benefits and advantages.

Benefits Of Sofa Chair

Being the best sofa chair exporter from Rajasthan, we provide our customers with products that have amazing benefits. Some are as follows:


Our sofa chair is perfect for starting because there won’t be any cording or gaps between the cushions to cause discomfort. They are perfect for lying down and relaxing and of course, if there are more furniture pieces in the room then they are merely preferred choice of our customers as they do not block the view or light.


Our sofa chair is available in different designs and styles. From traditional and contemporary to wooden and fabric there is something for all our customers and clients. The sofa chairs that you get in our company have their functionality and features. These add aesthetic value to your room. And makes your house look organized.

We are the best sofa chair supplier in Rajasthan and our products are of good quality and durable. Therefore call us and get our products.



When filling our your apartment, home or condominium there are different types of accessories that you can purchase including the furniture. A bookcase or a bookshelf is a perfect item that you can use to fill your living room, office or any other place. Jayalwal Designs Expo Private Limited is the best company for choosing bookcases. We are known as the best bookcase exporter from India. Our products are highly appreciated for the quality of the products and benefits of using them.


There are many advantages to having bookcases. Some are:

The bookcases that we provide to our customers provide a sense of organization for books and also provides space for other products like decorations, picture frames or memorabilia that you wish to show to your visitors. Our bookcases can be customised according to your needs and requirements. You can either hang them on your walls or choose to keep it as the traditional bookshelf. These offer organisations, easy access and offer friends and family a bit of your personality. We are the best bookcase supplier in India.

Our bookcases can offer both the perfect focal point to any room or provide storage space you may not have had before. Quite simply, our bookcases provide you with function and fashion element when used in your home or office.

So when searching for the perfect piece of furniture, choose us. We are the best bookcase exporter India.


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